PictureSound, a UK based Production Music Company.

Production Music On-tap

Easy Going

With over 1,000 pieces now composed, PictureSound has music for every production including Documentaries, Films and Radio. Find the right style for yourself or get in touch with us, we can help you find the perfect track.

Ambient Youtube Channel

After the launch of our new Youtube channel Ambient Trip, PictureSound hopes to combine relaxing imagery with captivating background music.

If you wish to enquire about our music production services you can visit our contact page. We are registered with the PRS and have presence on IlikeMusic, SourceAudio and Youtube.


A productive team with
a specialized skill set

Tracks Made

Hard work from LakeSide Studios went into mixing the tracks so they are suitable for production music.

Writers Involved

PictureSound Music Library is a collective of Professional session players who compose music for TV and Radio production.

Instruments Used

From Piano to Electric Guitar, LakeSide Studios has used a variety of different instruments. A large stockpile of gear keeps the team creative for recording sessions.

Overqualified Audio Professionals

PictureSound was established in the early ’90s as a vehicle for Derik Timms, an award-winning composer, to showcase his specially written film music. He was later joined by mastermind Tony Page and a team of expert music writers.

Derik Timms

Lead Producer

Tony Page

Audio Engineer

Space Station

Compelling Space Station background music.


Energetic dance music with a positive feel.